Diana Brodeur, Vice President, Communications


Diana Brodeur


Diana Brodeur, Vice President, Communications

As VP of Communications, Diana Brodeur has oversight of all internal and external communications, executive and strategic communications, and public relations on behalf of JPS Health Network, working alongside a highly talented team of content and design professionals whose work inspires her every day. 

Brodeur also serves as PIO and main spokesperson for the health system, a role she enjoys following a long career as a leader in newsrooms across the country. Brodeur worked in television news for 22 years, launching programming and collaborative media ventures for major news networks, running newsrooms, and leading national coverage of all major events in that time. Believing that journalism was the way she could serve her community by sharing information, Diana made a seamless transition into healthcare communications at JPS where the mission to serve the community is at its heart. 

Brodeur thinks good communication starts with listening, and the Communications team at JPS is always ready to hear from patients, team members, and the community (email networknews@jpshealth.org).  

When she's not talking or texting, Diana is at swim practice before meeting up with her husband, Brian, and their four children.